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Let's create the day you've been dreaming of...

While I could make a persuasive pitch to convince you why an adventure elopement is the perfect choice for you, let's be honest – if you've found your way here, chances are you're already well aware of its appeal!

Now, the real magic lies in bringing this vision to life. And guess what? My team and I are here to make it happen – turning your dreams into reality is what we do best!

Let us take the stress off your shoulders and allow us to help you.

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more than just photos


From 3am wake up calls to catch the sunrise over jagged peaks in Colorado to chasing the golden light of the setting sun in the Tetons, I'll be there to document every rad moment. All the smiles, emotions, and laughter will be captured while you just soak in the day.


Like I said, this is more than just photos. My goal is to create an authentic, stress-free, experience that will stay fresh in your mind forever. The photos are just the cherry on top.


Perhaps you're envisioning shredding the slopes in Telluride to start your wedding day, followed by a meal prepared by a private chef at a kick-ass Airbnb. Or maybe you want to keep it simple and take a walk in a magical redwood forest, enjoying a small picnic with your favorite snacks from Trader Joe's, and then unwind in a soothing hot tub under the evening sky

Whatever your thinking, let's make it a reality!

Whether your plan is to have an adventure elopement in Mt. Rainier National Park or to get married at a venue in Big Sur, I wanted my pricing to be clear, transparent, and have everything you need to capture your day perfectly.

Any package can be tailored to your specific needs. If you want an engagement shoot, extra hours, or an extra day, we can always add that on to any package.

All travel, taxes, and fees are included.

BONUS: If you keep an eye out on my travel calendar and your planning on getting married while i'm nearby, i'll give you a discount!

elopement packages




Best for: Couples who want a shorter day in one location.

Example: Take a short walk to an incredible viewpoint, getting hitched, then popping champagne and taking some epic golden hour portraits. Moab area would be a perfect place for this!

Coverage: 5 hours

Pricing starts at $4250

Best for: Couples who want the option to go to multiple locations with a relaxed timeline.

Example: Hike deep into the mountains to a more secluded location, help each other get dressed, do the damn thing, have a picnic dinner, and squeeze every bit of fun out of you elopement day!

Coverage: 8 hours

Pricing starts at $5750

Best for: Couples who want to experience both golden hours on their big day OR couples who are inviting guests and want time for themselves, too.

This package gives you the most flexibility to do what you want.

Example: Wake up at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise on your wedding day. Then get married with you loved ones by your side towards the end of the day.

Coverage: 10+ hours

Pricing starts at $7000


Best for: Couples who want a more than a day to explore! This is also ideal for couples who want a day to themselves and a day with family and friends.


Day 1 - Go skiing in the morning just the two of you, have a lovely lunch together, then go on a short hike for golden hour.

Day 2 - Have brunch with family and friends cooked by a private chef in a kick ass Airbnb, then venture out to either a venue of your choice or a secluded place in the mountains for a simple elegant ceremony.

Coverage: 12-14 hours split between 2 days

Pricing starts at $9750

Need help planning your elopement?

Let me introduce you to the best of the best.

If you love the idea of eloping but have zero clue where to start, I've got the perfect person for you! I've partnered with the love of my life, Maddie, to assist with all the details of your big day.

Whether you envision your elopement as an overnight backpacking trip deep in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, on the stunning coastline of Big Sur, or amidst the Mars-like landscape in Moab, I can assure you, from personal experience, that this girl has an appetite for adventure.

Working as a team, Maddie and I can assist you with permit and marriage license info, connect you with badass vendors, offer location recommendations, handle location scouting, make restaurant reservations, book accommodations, and plan and coordinate the entire day.

Not only can we promise you epic photos, but also a truly memorable and extraordinary experience that perfectly reflects your vision.  Let us be your guides in crafting an elopement that is not only visually stunning but also an unforgettable celebration of your love amidst nature's wonders.

Included In Every Booking

✨ Simple, yet elegant, online gallery

✨ Print release and unlimited downloads

✨ Easy to use print shop via the gallery

✨ No travel fees

✨ Unlimited access to use us as a resource

✨ Planning help

✨ Location scouting ( if needed)

✨ Two photographers

✨ The cutest photos!